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Welding Hanžek was founded in 2008th and since then till today we have expanded our range of services. The main service is tig welding of pipelines where we gained experience in Croatia and abroad.

We adapted to the conditions on the market today and we are offering services that include tig welding, mag welding and rel welding.

Welding a wide range of different materials with appropriate procedures we are able to completely encircle the realization of your product. For more information please contact us because we are the ideal partner for your next project.


Dark pipe welding

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Truck processing

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We are dealing with tig method of welding pipelines more then five years now and we have gained that experience mostly working abroad. We worked in Italy and Germany for reputable companies such as Mercedes in Sindelfingen, Man in Slazgitar, Schvedt and various others.

In Croatia we have worked on welding of pipelines in major croatian water purifiers Podturen, Moticnjak, Dubica, Zapresic, powerplant in Novska and dairy Marina in Gornje Vratno.

We welded variety of constructions and cranes in Slovenia in Metalna Maribor and stationery Leipa. We also worked on welding of pipelines in Netherlands in the chemical industry INEOS.

We offer aluminium welding and processing of trucks and truck refrigerators. In addition to these services we are producing stainless steel railing and black iron railing.

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Welding Hanžek

Stjepan Hanžek

Greda, Greda 41

42243 Marusevec

tel: +38542729857

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